Reverse Advent Calendar campaign 2017

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1st November 2017

Why not use the season of Advent to help Isle of Man Foodbank spread some Christmas cheer? 

Isle of Man Foodbank today announced the launch of the Reverse Advent Calendar campaign for 2017. It builds on last year’s success, when a post on Facebook by a supporter snowballed into a major project raising food donations for the work of Foodbank here on the Isle of Man. The idea is that you put aside an item a day throughout Advent, and then donate to Foodbank in the run-up to Christmas.  Last December the donations helped us to spread some Christmas cheer to our clients,  and also to restock our shelves to take us through to the summer. 

During 2017 we have experienced times of both plenty and of almost bare shelves. It can be quite tricky to get the balance right at times. For this reason we would like to encourage our supporters to focus on specific items. In particular we have a very healthy supply of pasta, soup and baked beans – enough to see us right through 2018! Longlife meat and fish – and vegetarian and vegan alternatives – are always in shorter supply. Moreover  we find that a small cash donation will help us to buy what is really needed in those leaner times. It also helps us to manage more effectively the challenge of expiry dates and make the most of the generosity of the great Manx public.

Our Advent hand-in date this year is Tuesday 19th December, which will give us time to sort and distribute Christmas parcels.

Please make sure that food donations are unopened and within its “Best Before” date. Many thanks for your help and support,  which makes all our work possible. 

Reverse Advent Calendar – poster available to download

Reverse Advent suggestions – suggestions for items to get you started on your Advent box

8 thoughts on “Reverse Advent Calendar campaign 2017

  1. This is fabulous please tell me where I can donate, it won’t be expensive stuff just basics as I am a single parent but really want to help I live in Laxey if that helps

  2. Hi can you please tell me some drop-off points I live in Laxey I can’t give much as I am a single parent but will do what I can this is a fabulous cause

    Foodbank response: Thank you Julie. Our drop off points in Laxey on Tuesday 19th December are the Commissioners offices and the Methodist church. Gura mie eu!

    • Hi Alison, thanks for asking. For the Reverse Advent Calendar campaign, the drop off points are listed on the poster which you can download from the link at the bottom of the page (“Reverse Advent Calendar – poster to download”). There is one late addition – Just Care products, Unit 15 Spring Valley Trading Estate. Your nearest to Glen Vine is Braddan Commissioners office on Wednesday 20th December, or Paul Ridgway Ltd on Hills Meadow industrial estate in Douglas on Tuesday 19th December like the rest.
      Our normal unmanned drop off points are also listed on the “Donation Drop-offs ” tab. They will continue normal collection.
      Feel free to give us a call on 311550 if we can be of more help.

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