Why Foodbank Exists


Times are hard. Many people are JUST ABOUT MANAGING – so when a sudden crisis occurs, suddenly it all goes pear-shaped.
That’s why Foodbank exists –

  • to provide emergency food support to those in crisis,
  • to give a hand up and
  • to help with getting back on track.

The Isle of Man Foodbank was set up by a number of local charities and faith communities, along with government representatives from Social Care and the Office of Fair Trading. The mission is to meet the unique local community needs. The scheme first went into action on 1st December 2013.


Isle of Man Foodbank provides crisis support in the form of REAL food for REAL people  in REAL need. We also point clients to relevant support organisations such as Debt Management, Life Skills, Careers and Budgeting.

These pages outline

This is a very real and urgent need within our community and we need your help which could come in a number of different ways.

If you feel you, your company, your charity or your organization is able to help in any way – whether by volunteering time, resources or financial support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via 07624 311550.